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Hello, my name is Luna. I am Metro Detroit's official Master of Mayhem and I love to conquer clutter and disorganization. There is nothing more personally satisfying for me than transforming visible or hidden areas of clutter into orderly, functional ones that can be enjoyed again.

My interest in home organization began in 2012 when I owned and operated A Clean Dream Home & Lifestyle Services, a 5-star, top-rated company. It was an independent operation that focused on residential cleaning, personal assisting, errand, and event support services. During this time, I periodically had to tackle challenging rooms (and sometimes whole homes) that required extreme decluttering and organizing before the process of cleaning could even start. Over time I came to realize that THIS was the part I really loved to do! 

Always ready to help a client out with special requests, I also took on unpacking projects that entailed finding all the right places for the contents of boxes upon boxes of personal and household items in and around their new home. More organizing! I took the hints the universe was sending to my bones and decided to pursue the field full-time in late 2014. This was how Chaos Control Michigan was born.


I have seen homes in just about every condition imaginable and nothing really surprises me - and I don't say or mean that in a bad way. 9-1/2 times out of 10, your home is not the freak-show-of-no-return that you think it is. Judging yourself, or fearing judgement, is highly counterproductive to the cause anyway. This is why a prospective client should never feel embarrassed about reaching out for some help. Especially from me. There have been many times when a "certain" former 5-star house cleaner (who shall remain nameless) has needed a maid STAT. There is also a Metro Detroit organizer (who shall also remain nameless) who could stand to eliminate a pile or two or three of something in her own home. Point is, hey, it happens to the best of us! ;-)

Bottom line is, I thrive on organizing challenges and producing happy-dance transformations. I am also well aware that with great organizing comes great responsibility. Letting strangers into your home, even ones who call themselves "professionals", can make one feel a bit uneasy. You can rest assured that the confidentiality of your personal things and your home is something I highly regard and protect. I always work with the assumption that everyone has some technologically-advanced home security camera app to protect their assets, I don't bat an eye when it comes to confidentiality agreements and criminal background checks, and who's got tons of references? That's right, --> This girl!! <--


More about me:  Born and raised in NYC, I came to Michigan in 2010 by way of the Tampa Bay, FL where I lived for over a decade. When I am not organizing, I love to put on my local tourist hat and traipse about Southeast Michigan to check out new towns, events, and parks with my Lego-obsessed 4-year-old son in tow. I have been known to get lost on purpose, raise funky-looking Silkie chickens, teach myself guitar via YouTube videos (I play an awesome G-chord), and bow down to the likes of Dave Ramsey. My personal fixations, in no particular order, are tiny houses (the <500 sq. ft. kind with no wheels), Peeps, solopreneurism, digital marketing, pie irons, beginner homesteading, audio books, Siesta Key Beach, FL, and just about everything that is bygone, crusty, and wrapped in old-timey history.

So! Now that all the Stranger-Danger has (hopefully) been minimized, feel free to contact me to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation. We'll discuss your organizing needs, how to best tackle them, and if it seems like we're a good working fit for each other, we can then move forward towards booking an appointment. I encourage you to poke around the website and review all the information available. I know there may be lots to take in, but I've really tried to provide the full-scope of what you can expect when you hire Chaos Control Michigan for your home organizing needs. I am always happy to answer additional questions if anything seems unclear. 

Thanks so much for reading this epic 'About' page and for the opportunity to tell you a little about myself. Okay, it was A LOT about myself, but now let's talk about YOU and how WE can make things better.  :-D

Very best regards,
W. Luna Post
Pro Home Organizer / Master of Mayhem
Chaos Control Michigan
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