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Starting Out Right: Teaching Children to be Organized

Posted on July 13, 2015 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

It's much easier to learn a skill early rather than trying to pick it up later in life. With that in mind, those of us who want our kids to be organized – and who doesn't? - should try to involve them in activities that develop the associated skills and mindset.


There are plenty of games and activities for children that already incorporate this idea. Games that involve sorting, categorizing, and measuring all help to hone an organized mind; very young kids can benefit from colored blocks, stacking rings, or simple matching games. Try to incorporate sorting into both the game and the clean-up process! Use bins, labeled shelves, or other means to make sure that everything has its place.


As kids grow, they can really benefit from lists and schedules. By sitting down with your child and creating checklists (5 Things to Do Before Dinner, for example) they can learn the value of time management. These checklists also work well when incorporated into packing for a trip or stuffing a book bag for school.


Children can really benefit from owning (and using) a daily planner. These are becoming more popular for kids, and versions are available featuring simpler layouts and favorite characters targeted towards younger users. Letting your child pick out his own planner helps to ensure that he or she will be excited about using it.


As with any type of instruction, these ideas work best when reinforced with rewards and praise. Be sure to recognize your child when they've demonstrated exceptional organizational skills! By showing a little extra attention in this department, you can help to ensure that your kids grow up to be well-organized adults.

If you're at a point where your kids are still learning to become better organized, Luna at Chaos Control Michigan can assist with getting their bedrooms, toy, craft, or play areas to a level that is not so overwhelming for them (and you) to deal with. Minimize the ongoing frustrations and daily battles by placing a call or text to 248-795-5572. It's not too late to have the happy home and kids you've always dreamed of!


Quick and Clean Tips for a More Organized Home

Posted on July 13, 2015 at 2:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Looking to get more organized right now? You can see major improvements down the road by making a few changes today!


1. Eliminate your “pocket pile” - Do you come home and empty all of your pockets into a cluttered pile on your dresser? Change, receipts, notes, lint – it's like the dumping site for the day's refuse, right? Get a small wastebasket and put it right next to that location, then put a change jar and some sort of organizer (like an expanding binder) right beside it. No more pile!

2. Open your mail every day – Don't sit on this task! By opening your mail (and sorting it or trashing it accordingly) you prevent a big pileup and missed correspondence.

3. Out with the old – Go through your closet and dresser. Be on the lookout for clothes you haven't worn in a year or so. (This is also a good time to look for socks and underwear with holes in them.) Pack up all of your unwanted clothes and drop it off at a donation bin. Trash the old socks and skivvies, of course.

4. Optimize wasted space – Do you have a closet or space in the garage that could be put to better use? The proper shelving or organizational system can allow you to store more things there and sort them properly. Find smaller spaces (such as under your kitchen sink) that can be put to work with the addition of drawers or shelves.

5. Write a to-do list – The best way to instantly feel more organized is to write all of your upcoming tasks into a list. Sticky notes are just fine for this, and they can be posted where you won't forget them.

Staying on top of quick organization tasks becomes easier when major decluttering and home organization projects have been completed. Luna at Chaos Control Michigan can help reach your 'maintenance-level' organizing goals. Place a call or send a text to 248-795-5572 to get started!


5 Super-Fast Steps to a More Organized Home

Posted on July 13, 2015 at 2:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Who isn't pressed for time these days? A busy schedule is fertile ground for planting the seeds of clutter, and lack of time is one of the most often used excuses for disorganization. Here area few tips that will help you take care of the mess (even if you're short on time.)


1. Toss that “to donate” bag in the car. Do you have a bag of clothes that has been sitting around, waiting for the day you have time to drop it off at Goodwill? It's not going anywhere until it makes it to your car, so get it at least that far! If it's already loaded up, you'll be more likely to swing by the donation bin the next time you're driving home.

2. Teach your kids where everything goes. Children can be a source of clutter, but they can also be a remedy. Show your kids where everything goes – their toys, pens, papers, books, whatever they might come in contact with from day to day – and make sure they put these items in their place. It won't take long to get the ball rolling, but you will have to be patient and stay on top of your kids to make sure they adhere to the new “clutter-free” policies.

3. Clear out the medicine cabinet. It doesn't take long to go through all of your pills and tubes and check the expiration dates. Be sure to toss out anything that looks old and dingy, like that box of bandages that has followed you around since college.

4. Buy a file box. Next time you're at the store, take a quick detour through the office supply section and buy a file box. (You'll also need a few sets of folders to hang inside.) It only takes a few minutes to write out labels for bills, receipts, coupons, and whatnot; once you're done, every paper that enters your home will have a place where it belongs.

5. Make a “Box of Indecision.” You know that ever-growing stash of things you might need someday? Create a special home for it by designating a Box of Indecision. Put all of your “maybe” items in that box and stash it somewhere you won't see it. In a few months, pull out the box and inspect the contents. Did you need any of that stuff after all? No? Now you can just haul the whole thing to the dumpster.  

If you simply don't have the time to accomplish any of these tasks, Luna at Chaos Control Michigan can help you get your home organization needs met. Whether you require a simple jumpstart or full takeover of an overwhelming project, just place a call or send a text to 248-795-5572 to get started. Best of all, every client receives a 100% No Judgement Guarantee!



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