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First time clients may secure a one day organizing session by clicking the Buy Now buttons below to make a deposit and hold your booking. 

You will receive a written confirmation to your email shortly thereafter. No deposits are required from established clients in good standing. 

Minimum daily session is 3 hours. Maximum daily session is 6 hours.

If you're not sure how long your project may take, visit the project estimate page here.

If you have a very large project, or a series of projects, consider a discounted pre-paid package or the financing option offered through PayPal.

Payment in full, or for any balances due after deposit, is required at the end of each organizing session. No paper checks please.

1st time client appointments will not be considered official until deposit is received. Prospective bookings are only held or 'penciled in' for 48 hours max. No reminders given.

New Client Sessions & Deposits

Confront the Chaos  $120.00 - 160.00 

(50% deposit required)

3 hour minimum session - NEW CLIENTS ONLY

4 hour short session - NEW CLIENTS ONLY

Minimum / short sessions are great for completion of 1-2 small projects, to get a significant number of items sorted (if you plan on completing the final organizing yourself), or to maximize your budget if you would like to work as a team. If you've never used a professional organizing service before, a 3-4 hour session will allow you to get a good feel for what can get accomplished in your space and to see if you and your organizer are a good fit.

3 Hour Deposit

4 Hour Deposit

Clear the Chaos  $200.00 

(50% deposit required)

5 hour session - NEW CLIENTS ONLY

This is my most popular session as it really allows you to see the positive effects professional organizing can have on a specific space or project. It is also great for the completion of 2-3 small projects.

Conquer the Chaos  $240.00 

(50% deposit required)

6 hour session - NEW CLIENTS ONLY

This is the maximum allotment of hours for a single day session. If you've got a big project to chip away at, or want to knock out a number of small doozies at once, having an organizer onsite for a 6 hour session can bring a good deal of functionality and order back into your world. 


Pay Your Single Day Session In Full

Must mention or note any promotional offers when booking / issuing prepayment.

3 hours of Chaos Control - 120.00 PAID

4 hours of Chaos Control - $160.00 PAID

5 hours of Chaos Control - $200.00 PAID

6 hours of Chaos Control - $240.00 PAID





Secure online deposits or pre-payments can be made by clicking the PayPal button above. You don't have a PayPal account to make a payment via PayPal (see image below).

An itemized PayPal invoice can be emailed to you so that payment can be submitted for the proper amount of services and fees before your appointment takes place if you are looking to pay for:

  • a discounted package
  • more than 1 session at one time

Please refer to additional payment and terms of service details on the Rates page if you haven't already, as well as the How Long Will It Take? page for time estimates by task or area.

How to pay without a PayPal account. This image is what will come up with you click on one of the PayPal payment buttons on the website.

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