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3/17/2015 - 5 stars

Shelly M. of Milford, MI says:

I've hired Chaos Control to organize, clean, and essentially work her magic.  Prices are reasonable.  Luna is amazing, a real professional, if you need help, this is who you should call.   You won't find anyone better.

3/25/2015 - 5 stars

Law G. - Clarkston, MI

I've hired Chaos Control to do everything from deep cleaning, organizing, staging, and overall home maintenance. Luna is honest, hardworking, and does not cut corners. She is thorough, always on time, efficient, and in addition she is a great person. I highly recommend Chaos Control.

5/5/2015 - 5 stars

Angie B. of Bloomfield Hills, MI says:

Chaos Control has made a ginormous difference in our lives!  Luna is amazing, professional, efficient, honest, and trustworthy.

Her organizational skills are brilliant, and she's a really nice person.  She has been a huge help to us and we highly recommend her!

10/11/2015 - 5 stars

Alexis H. of Detroit, MI says:

Very efficient, punctual, and gets the job done!! Great prices and offers great advice on how to keep your house organized. Luna is hardworking and very professional.

6/22/2015 - 5 stars

Marcia H. - Royal Oak, MI

I have had Luna come to my home multiple times over the past year. First run through we waded through, organized, and cleaned up years worth of clutter through out my entire home. In addition, due to my multiple moves for medical school and residency we went through boxes that had not been opened in over five years. 

The second run through was last month where we reorganized now that I had had some time to get through filing etc. We rearranged rooms and got the house back in order. 

Each time Luna arrived on time, ready to work! She was able to prioritize and get us started on tasks that were so daunting to me -that they kept getting pushed back. I really could not of done these projects without her. In addition, she was able to keep me on task and not let us get sidetracked as we went through memorabilia etc. She takes direction well and asks to make sure the way is organizing will suit my needs. 

I expect I will need her to come out once or twice a year to just help me tone down the clutter that seems to propagate daily! 

Highly recommended !


Malinda K. - Flint, MI Visitor Post

Luna, I love you! I got my art space back and now can create again. I wish you would have taken before and after shots of my studio. Where I could hardly find a spot to put a foot is now a huge wide open space and everything is exactly where I can find it! It was so fun and motivating to work with you, you really helped me through an impossible task. I can't wait to do another session. 


Gary P. - Holt, MI - 5 stars

Luna is an ingenious organizer, and can bring order out of chaos and hope out of despair.


Natalie E. W. - Oak Park / Troy, MI - 5 stars

It's so refreshing to meet someone with Luna's work ethic and honesty. We needed her services and could not be at home while she worked. Not a concern at all. She went above and beyond. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.


Darren K. - Waterford, MI - 5 stars

Appreciate the work you did getting our office files and paperwork in order. We can actually find the things we want now and then get them back in an understandable and efficient manner. Thanks again!

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