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Home Organization

Sorting out your clutter and disorganization is my passion and I am always up for a challenge. Hands down, I am the world's most flexible home organizer. I can either work side-by-side with you, provide a great jumpstart by presorting and decluttering so that you can finish your project on your own, or you can sit back and put your feet up while I happily do all the work (following any necessary directives you may have, of course).

Unpacking & Organizing Services

Packing and moving the contents of your WHOLE HOUSE from one place to another is undoubtedly its own little sweet form of domestic torture. When you finally get to your final destination, go easy on yourself and let me do the unpacking and organizing for you. Whether you're looking to set up your core first-things-first rooms or want to unpack and organize your whole (reasonably-sized) home, rest assured, I can mitigate the suffering.  

Laundry Services

There it sits. In the hamper. On the chair. On top of the washing machine. In the corner of your bedroom.The mounds alternatively mock you and then beg to be put away. In any case, you should not be chastised by cotton or polyester in any form and you certainly have better things to do than sort, fold, hang, and fill voids in drawers. So why not outsource the management of your many clean piles of laundry to me and go live your life with purpose and abandon instead? At the very least, I can help you get caught up...for more laundry.        


Seasonal Clothing Rotation & Storage

It's a well-known fact that sweater vests and summer sheaths don't make good neighbors. Rotating and storing your fall/winter gear with your spring/summer ensembles immediately opens up more space in your closet and creates a streamlined transition between the seasons. It also provides the opportunity to review and edit your wardrobe for the greater good (new clothes, less bad clothes, charity donation, or securing an additional revenue stream through consignment, etc). When it starts to get chilly or toasty outside, it's high time for a full seasonal clothing switcheroo.


File, Mail, Bill, & Receipt Organization

Mixed up and disorganized piles of paperwork, receipts, and unopened mail create havoc in a home office environment. Get your Inbox, desk, file cabinets, and shoeboxed receipts under control with my confidential, secure, and efficient alphabetization, number, and date sequencing skills. I can shred like a mother, too. A bit paper organization will clear off that desk finally and quite possibly help your accountant fall in love with you again.

Holiday Decoration Removal & Storage

Are you one of those joyous people who is totally into the holidays, but have a little problem that entails leaving the tree and all the rest of trimmings up around the house until St. Patrick's Day rolls around? Before the interior of your home turns into Old Frankenmuth year-round, call me. I will send jolly old Santa and his festive minions on their way. 

Productivity Support

Getting organized is only half the battle. Purging the things you don't need or use anymore is the other half of the equation. Sometimes you cannot see the forest for the trees when you're dealing with figuring out what to do with a multitude of items all at once. Having a neutral party on board to help you differentiate what is useful, motivate you, and facilitate the process of getting all those little albatrosses gone will pay off in dividends.

Charity Donation Pickups & Drop-Offs

When you get the urge to purge, your castoffs have got to go somewhere. If selling, Garbage Land, re-purposing, or giving your items away to someone you know isn't an option, donating them to a good cause is always a great alternative. Everyone can benefit from some good Karma, right?  

There are lots of local charities that have specific donation wish lists or who will come to your place to do a pickup. I can help facilitate pickups or drop your items off at your charity of choice (subject to hourly errand fee).

Complimentary: drop-offs at the White Lake, MI Salvation Army Thrift Store (I can mail you the donation slip) and acceptance of pet-related wish list donations to be delivered to Safari Animal Rescue in Livonia, MI or the Oakland County Animal Control and Pet Adoption Center in Auburn Hills. Items must be reasonably-sized to be able fit in my vehicle, clean/packaged/wrapped, and will be accommodated only if the space is available.

"Touch Up & Tidy" Maintenance Visits

Got the spaces you wanted organized and really want to keep them that way? Once a system of organization is in place, things feel right with the world again. Keep the good mojo going with a "Touch Up & Tidy" maintenance visit every other month so that your streamlined spaces stay beautiful and orderly.

Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Areas in need of organization can sometimes use a little extra elbow grease to get it looking even more fantastic. Electing to get the area professionally deep cleaned does not have to mean you have to call a separate service to come out. Typically many professional organizers do not include a thorough cleaning of a whole room or space as part of their services, but I do!

When you hire Chaos Control Michigan you get the benefit of having a professional organizer and top-rated home cleaner in one person. My previous vocation was as the owner/operator of the multi 5-star rated indie cleaning company, A Clean Dream Home & Lifestyle Services.*  Just be sure to let me know you would like to add deep cleaning before your appointment takes place.

*Please allow extra time for deep cleaning services. Cleaning of organized spaces only, not the whole home. Cleaning supplies included.

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