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Service Exclusions | Things I Don't Do

Chaos Control Michigan offers competitive pricing because you get high-quality, no-frills, client-focused service. Here are some of the things that DO NOT exist in the CCM wheelhouse:

> The interior design talent or desire to create fancy-looking, uber-styled Martha Stewart Living organizing or filing systems with pretty, color-coordinated containers.

> The upselling of said fancy containers or the services of providers who sell or install closet systems or anything else.

> Time scheduling or time management.

> Organizing 'treatment' for those affected with ADD/ADHD or extreme psychological hoarding issues. I can provide referrals and resources to help with this and the other above Don'ts on request.

> Official and expensive certifications from national professional organizing associations.

> Providing organizing supplies and materials such as cardboard boxes, plastic storage containers, tape, Ziplocs, fancy labels or tags, and extensive cleaning supplies / tools (if you're not electing to do a deep cleaning with your organizing). This is the client's responsibility. You can hire me to do the shopping for any of these items if needed. I bring basic labeling and cleaning supplies.

> The assembly, hanging, or installation of shelving, storage cubbies, or DIY closet systems.

> Interior decorating, hanging pictures, mirrors, etc. Although I will make things look as neat and attractive as possible and can offer my honest opinion when asked.

> The continuation of service in what is determined to be an unhealthy or infested environment (pests actively milling about or dealing with excessive feces or other waste while working).

> The handling and relocation of firearms, adult fun items, and human waste-related items. Please remove them before your appointment.

> Untangling wires that are plugged into electronic devices that are working nicely and re-plugging everything back to its exact former working order. If you like using your internet or watching cable TV, please don't let me touch the connections.

> Reinventing spaces or areas that are already working for you in a big way. If I can see where improvements can be made, I will make the suggestions, but will not pursue reinventing the wheel on your dime.

> I am pet and child-friendly, but will not assume responsibility for minding or entertaining children or pets. 

As much as I'd like to be all things to all people, I know my limits, capabilities, and interests. I also aim to maximize your organizing time and dollars as much as possible. I hope you can appreciate the "deficits" and still work with or around them. Thanks!

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